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our story so far....

Saltpath Coaching Clinic was founded by Phil Gilbert. It was born out of the need for a better way of being and a strong pull to help others do the same. For 20 years prior to becoming a Life Coach, Phil built and ran a successful trade company but was permanently fuelled by adrenaline and stress. "I wore my stress as a badge of honour, proof that I was making waves in the world".

There's only so far this method can take you, and in 2017, it finally took its toll, forcing him out of the business for six months in order to recover.

"From this moment on I promised myself and my family I'd find a better way of being and help others do the same".

How to help you get on the path to a better way of being

"In my 20s I had spent many years on the road, immersing myself in other cultures and reading books on psychology and Eastern philosophy. Humans have always fascinated me so I decided to re-engage that fascination, and in 2019, we founded Saltcircle men's group. From there, I went on to train as a Transformative Life Coach and a Wim Hof Method instructor".

This triad of disciplines and a lifetime of experience offers a truly unique support.

The Saltcircle sometimes includes breathwork; Phil's coaching sessions might encourage you to start your day with a cold shower, and his coaching mindset will help guide you into that ice bath on his Wim Hof sessions.

Phil's mission is to help you unlock your pathway to a better way of being.

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