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coaching for Tradespeople

I know how stressful life is in the building industry and how it affects our mental health. Tight deadlines, long hours, juggling finances and client expectations are only a few of the daily stresses facing most people in the industry.

Prior to qualifying as a Transformative Life Coach, I spent 35 years as a tradesman and 20 of those as a trade business owner before hitting the wall and deciding to dedicate my time to helping others avoid that same situation.

It's not easy reaching out in a male-dominated industry; there's a risk of losing face, but I promise you there's much more to gain than there is to lose. It was a builder that gave me the details of a life coach in 2018 and it changed my life forever.

2016 desperate and stressed (sound familiar?) by how busy we were, I spent £15k on a consultant to get us organised. 

2017 I finally hit the wall. 

2018 I spent £800 on a life coach, and one question changed my life forever. 

If you're feeling trapped and can't find a way through or have goals in mind but are unsure how to reach them, get in touch. Let's connect. 

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