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Two cups of coffee

What is a Men's Circle

Our Men's Circle (Saltcircle) is a place where men meet twice a month to remove the mask, lift off the armour and sit with other men as themselves. It's a space to cut through the bulls**t and have honest, open discussions about what's really going on.

As a foundation, we work to bring awareness into our lives and from there, we encourage one another to act on the new awareness and move towards what it is we really want in life. As a circle of many years, we have discovered that masculinity is much more than just engaging the warrior.


Due to the confidentiality of a circle, this is currently a closed group. However, I'd like to encourage you to register your interest, and we'll keep you posted when a space becomes available. We'd love to build new circles using our format, so get in touch. If we get enough interest from men willing to commit, we would be happy to open a new chapter and mentor any men wishing to create a new circle? We also plan to hold the occasional open events, so keep an eye on the Saltpath socials for what's coming.

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