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Welcome to Saltpath Coaching Clinic

Welcome to Saltpath Coaching Clinic

Welcome to Saltpath Coaching Clinic

It feels so good to finally arrive here after years of planning, training and building. The dawning of new horizons with a clear direction and one simple mission: Help people unlock pathways to a better way of being. 

This has been my experience over the last seven years, which now sees me in a completely different space and living a much freer life. I still have lots to do, but unshackled from negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, I now have the freedom to create, guide and hold space for others as they take their turn. 

If I can change my situation then so can you!. 

 So what's coming up for 2024?

We are extending our Life Coaching Programmes to include a one-off Solution Session for those problems that just won't resolve themselves. We'll be introducing Transformative Life Coaching programmes to the building industry in an effort to bring much-needed support to our tradespeople. We're also looking to increase our 1-2-1 Life Coaching sessions for anyone looking for support in moving forward. 

Or is an ice bath more your thing?

You'll be pleased to know our Wim Hof Method workshops will continue to pop up in Sussex, Herefordshire and North Devon. These will introduce you to the power of mindset, breathwork and cold water therapy all neatly stitched together using Saltpath's unique blend of Life Coaching and Circle facilitating.

Watch this space for up coming collaborations with some the best yoga, reiki and sound bath teachers as we look to add something special to every workshop. 

Also coming up in April is our six-week gradual introduction to the WHM " Seize the Freeze" held weekly in the iconic Saltdean Lido. 





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