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Just Breathe - Full Programme Details

Week 1 - Intro to Wim Hof Method breathwork

     WHM history, the benefits
& breathing technique.

     Breathwork session.

     6 week homework plan

Week 2 - Intro to cold water immersion theory

     Breathwork session.

     Visualisation and focus

     Guided cold water plunge or ice
bath. You decide.

 Week 3 - What’s going on in the body?

     Breathwork & cold immersion science

     Breathwork session

     Guided ice bath

 Week 4 - Introduction to other breathwork techniques

     Blissful Mood regulation breathwork

     Guided ice bath

 Week 5 - Deepen your practice

     Goal setting

     Deeper breathwork 5/ 6 rounds

     Guided ice bath / invitation to go longer.

 Week 6- Reflections and results

     Reflection on the journey so far

     Breathing session

     Goal setting for future practice

     Guided ice bath

     End of programme coffees !


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